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The Purpose Of The Byrnes Scholars

Mom and Pop Byrnes.

The Byrnes Scholars organization is made up of present and former recipients of The James F. Byrnes Foundation Scholarships. It is separate from, but an auxiliary to, The Foundation.

The Byrnes Scholars was formed to:

  • unify scholarship recipients
  • promote the ideals of "Mom" and "Pop" Byrnes
  • provide an opportunity for fellowship among scholars
  • assist the Foundation as deemed appropriate

Each year The Byrnes Scholars sponsor a luncheon in Columbia, SC, on the second Saturday in June to honor the new scholarship recipients and recognize scholars graduating college. The luncheon also serves as the annual meeting for The Byrnes Scholars.

The Byrnes Scholars is financed through dues of the members. Annual dues are set at $5 for Scholars who have been graduates zero to five years, $10 for Scholars who have been graduates six to ten years and $20 for Scholars who have been graduates eleven or more years.

Dues are required only to meet necessary administrative expenses, and all funds in excess of the needs of the normal function of The Byrnes Scholars are paid to The James F. Byrnes Foundation for the continuation of the Foundation and its functions.

Byrnes Scholars Membership And Officers

Two women review Super Weekend photos at the annual awards luncheon.

Membership in The Byrnes Scholars is of two types as follows:

  1. Full Voting Membership consists of present and former Byrnes Scholarship holders who have complied with the requirements for membership.

  2. Honorary Membership consists of those persons who have made special contributions to The Byrnes Foundation and who have been duly elected as Honorary Members by the Board of Directors of The Byrnes Scholars. The Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse Honorary Membership to any person(s) and/or organization(s) regardless of any contribution to The Byrnes Foundation. Membership will be extended only to those persons whose contribution has been accepted and acknowledged by The Byrnes Foundation. Honorary Members will not have the privilege of voting at meetings of the members of regular standing of the Board of Directors. Honorary Membership is not transferable.

The Board of Directors And Officers

The business and property of The Byrnes Scholars is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of seven members and the Officers. The Board of Directors, including a student representative, is elected by the members at the annual meeting (the June luncheon). Directors serve a term of two years, except for the student representative who serves a one-year term. The President, Vice-President and Past President serve for six years total, two years in each position. The Secretary/Treasurer is an ongoing appointment.

Terms of office are staggered so that three Directors and a student representative are elected each year.

Current Officers of The Byrnes Scholars are:

  • Raquel Vallieres Wohlers, 2001 Scholar, President
  • Tyler Gailey, 2004 Scholar, Vice President
  • Jerry Reaves, 1988 Scholar, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Allen Easler , 1988 Scholar, Past President

Current Directors of The Byrnes Scholars are:

  • Jennifer Deaton. 2009 Scholar
  • Megan Garland, 2009 Scholar
  • Jimmy Kuhlen, 2002 Scholar
  • Zoe McCrary, 2006 Scholar
  • Ben Pope, 2008 Scholar
  • Dan Sprouse, 1992 Scholar
  • Stevie Lynn Cox, 2011 Scholar, Student Representative

Donate To The Foundation

In return for their generosity and support, Mom and Pop Byrnes asked only two things from us: become the very best people we could become in life, and make sure their legacy of family continues for those who come after us.

Please consider making a tax deductible contribution to the James F. Byrnes Foundation to secure its ability to invite more deserving young women and men to join the Byrnes family, both now and in the future. The Donate button will take you to the Paypal site where you can use your credit card or Paypal account to make a secure, one-time donation or set up a monthly recurring donation.

Join the Maude's Angels Network

Maude’s Angels is family helping family. It is a network of former Scholars who assist a current Scholar or Alumnus with a need for an item or service.

Mail List

The Byrnes Scholars now have an email list to keep Scholars and Friends of The James F. Byrnes Foundation informed of pertinent information as it occurs. [more]

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